Kilwa’s Collaborative Approach to Ocean Management, Strengthening Marine Stewardship

Lindi. Kilwa District Council in Lindi Region has launched a special project aimed to execute collaborative initiatives of fisheries and the coastal environment to significantly improve ocean management and boost the community’s economy.

The strategic initiative will involve extensive research, empowering community members with the knowledge and methods necessary to enhance ocean management and amplify the involvement of youth and women in various ocean-related economic activities.

Speaking during the launch of the project recently, Kilwa District Commissioner, Mohamed Nyundo stated that the project’s objective is to drive the management of marine resources in conjunction with the coastal communities of Kilwa and Tanzania at large.

He said that the project, funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) through Chemonics and implemented by Aqua Farms Organization (AFO), will fortify resilience against effects of environmental and climate change, which have been detrimental to the prosperity and availability of marine resources.

“I understand that the essence of collaborative management is the cooperation and consultation between officials and community members. Therefore, it is essential to ensure the community continues to be extensively involved as it was before, and today we continue to see the fruits of that involvement,” he emphasized.

Kilwa District Commissioner, Mohamed Nyundo

He urged Kilwa residents, particularly those reliant on the ocean for their livelihood, including fishermen and fish vendors, to take advantage of the project to enhance their lives through participation in the planned training sessions.

Anord Shoko, AFO’s Project Coordinator asserted that through the project, they intend to equip communities with educational resources and tools to enable the sustainable use of marine resources and resilience against the impacts of climate change.

He also highlighted their commitment to educating people on value addition to marine products and various ways to benefit from the blue economy opportunities.

Shoko outlined the project’s ambitious goals, aiming for a substantial increase in individual income levels and a 75 percent improvement in ocean environment management by 2027, thereby restoring the ocean’s quality and productivity.

“We also aim to reduce environmental pollution levels and initiate activities to address climate change so that the community can benefit from marine resources in their area,” he said.

Ali Bakari, Chairman of Songosongo fish landing site said the project will be a saviour for fishermen because they will be given education and safe fishing resources, thus uplifting their economic status.

“Through this, fishermen will be taught safe fishing methods that do not harm the ocean and its creatures, thus increasing fish production, which is beneficial for us,” he said.

Haji Farahani, a resident of Songosongo said that if this project is implemented properly, it will be a saviour for the people of Kilwa as it will conserve the ocean and improve the marine life within it.

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