About us

Habitat media is designed with the aim of reaching a common consensus in resolving further natural resource protection, biodiversity, climate change, and environment reporting and general public understanding.

And upon agreeing that we need to contribute to that noble undertaking formally, after realizing that Tanzania is still lagging behind in providing competent and formal media and organizations dedicated to promoting natural resources protection, biodiversity, climate change, environmental reporting, and general public understanding,


To build a society where diversity of life thrives through people’s contributions to conservation and biodiversity


We are committed to efforts to define and improve natural resources protection, biodiversity, environmental and data reporting to media personalities in public and ¬†That will be achieved through a collaborative approach to addressing shortcomings in reportage and educating different groups in understanding of natural resources protection, biodiversity, climate change, and environmental protection concept.¬


Our Services

Publication: Writing science articles is our main activity, and they will be published on our websites.

Consultancy: The team will do consultations on natural resources protection, biodiversity, climate change, environmental protection, and general media consultancy.

Capacity building (training, workshops): The team will be providing training to media-related personnel, NGOs, government, and non-government institutions. The team will offer data reporting training in every workshop for value addition.

Research: We are dedicated to conducting or assisting media research and surveys.

Lobbying campaigns for environmental protection: As part of our mission to archive our mission, the team will contribute to environmental campaigns by issuing statements, publications, and presentations to show our standing.