JET’s Environmental Training Equips Journalists for Conservation Reporting

Bagamoyo. The Journalists Environmental Association of Tanzania (JET) is presently conducting a specialized two-day training for journalists, aimed at enriching their understanding of corridor conservation issues, specifically addressing Illegal Forest Crime, Wildlife Crime, Climate Change, Gender, and biodiversity conservation.

Taking place in Bagamoyo District, Coast Region, the training has drawn participation from 20 journalists representing various media houses in Tanzania Mainland and Zanzibar.

Commencing on the 15th of February 2024, the event is part of the Tuhifadhi Maliasili (“Preserve Natural Resources”) project, a five-year initiative supported by USAID, focusing on mitigating threats to animal movement and biodiversity in Tanzania.

John Chikomo, the Director of JET, shared with Habitat media that this training plays a pivotal role in the Tuhifadhi Maliasili Activity, equipping journalists with essential knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary for investigative reporting on biodiversity conservation and climate change issues.

The overarching objective is to empower journalists with the capacity and knowledge to effectively investigate and report on wildlife connectivity, marine and forest conservation, trafficking, poaching, and the promotion of wildlife conservation and tourism.

Chikomo emphasizes that, besides establishing networks by connecting journalists with conservation stakeholders at various levels, the training seeks to elevate the quality of stories related to corridors, wildlife connectivity, and biodiversity conservation.

Ultimately, the initiative aspires to enhance journalists’ contributions to these critical environmental issues.

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