Clarity on Carbon Offset Forest Ownership in Kituti to Mgolo, Ulanga

Dar es Salaam. In the latest session of the Tanzanian Parliament, Member of Parliament for Ulanga, Salim Alaudin Hasham, posed a crucial question regarding the ownership of the carbon offset forest spanning from Kituti to Mgolo.

Hasham’s query, directed at the Minister of Natural Resources and Tourism, Angella Kairuki, sought clarity on when the government would provide answers regarding the ownership status of this significant forested area.

In response to the inquiry, Minister Kairuki provided insights into the legal framework governing forest management in Tanzania. She referenced Section 23 of the Forestry Act, which delineates the procedures for the establishment and administration of forested areas within the country.

Notably, the Ministry had undertaken preliminary steps in accordance with Government Notice No. 783/2022 to initiate the formal process of gazetting the forest under the jurisdiction of the Ulanga District Council.

Minister Kairuki elaborated that the Ministry had completed the necessary preliminary procedures, including issuing a 90-day notice of the government’s intention to establish the forest officially. Currently, the Ministry is in the final stages of fulfilling the legal requirements for establishing the forest, which will subsequently fall under the ownership and management of the Ulanga District Council.

This response underscores the government’s commitment to transparent and legal processes in the management of forest resources. By adhering to established laws and procedures, the Ministry aims to ensure sustainable utilization and conservation of forests, safeguarding these vital ecosystems for present and future generations.

The forthcoming establishment of the carbon offset forest from Kituti to Mgolo signifies a significant step towards environmental conservation and community empowerment in the Ulanga region. As the process nears completion, stakeholders anticipate enhanced environmental protection measures and opportunities for local participation in forest management initiatives.

The government’s assurance of addressing the ownership status of the carbon offset forest reflects a proactive approach to natural resource management. Through collaborative efforts between governmental bodies, local authorities, and community stakeholders, Tanzania endeavors to uphold its commitment to environmental sustainability and biodiversity conservation.

On February, 2024 the minister of State in the Vice President’s Office responsible for Union and Environment, Dr Selemani Jafo told the parliament that the government is now eyeing registering carbon trade projects worth $1 billion (about Sh2.4 trillion) once it completes the registration of the planned schemes in Tanzania.

The minister noted that that 35 applications for carbon trade projects were received by the end of December 2023.

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